Honeywell E-D7002/7005-BU10-IND PM 2.5 Anti-Pollution Foldable Face Mask, Icy Blue, Pack of 10


  • Easy to wear and remove(under bike helmet)
  • Comfortable ear band made of soft cotton
  • Adjustable nose clip
  • Even heat dissipation over the mask
  • 3 layer filter media
  • High-strength composite materials
  • Storage shelf life of 5 years (if packaging not opened)
Brought to you by Honeywell-the world’s leading brand for private protective equipment with over 100 years of experience in respiratory protection.

The PM 2.5 masks from Honeywell are specially designed to guard the user from probable respiratory ailments originating from the polluted air within the cities.

These masks have a 3 layer filter media which ensures the simplest protection. Comfort features like cotton ear bands and soft adjustable nose clips make it one among the simplest masks to wear for extended hours even in hot and humid conditions. 

Long lasting filter. the three layer filter media increases effective filtration time by 50 percent, compared to similar products. Adjustable nose clip, high-strength composite materials with higher resistance to breakage than metal nose clips. Elastic ear band, made from soft and cotton.

Easier to wear and take away than head band masks. Three-dimensional design, perfect fit on most faces, easy to wear under bike helmet.

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