Banale Powerful Portable Carbon Filter Anti-Polution Mask(Black)


  • Unrivaled comfort
  • Unique design
  • Fit for every shape and size of Face
  • Soft elastic strings fit around your face easily
  • Mask with Activated Carbon filter
  • Replaceable activated carbon mask
  • Protection from Bacteria, Virus, Dust, Allergen particles, Smog
  • Ideal: Unisex,Adult

Discription Banale Mask n99

Stay comfortable, stay protected uncompromising protection, whatever your need. Suffocating smog.check. Brutal allergies check. Flu season check. No matter what type of protection you desire, banale mask has got you covered. Banale mask uses a unique, replaceable activated carbon mask that is certified to fully shield you from pm 2.5, pm 10, pollen, and bacteria.

Banale mask was designed with comfort in mind. The soft elastic strings fit around your face easily while the silky mesh mask leaves you room to breathe.

We at banale consider the mask's superior comfort supremely important, because protection should never be painful. Match your style. Stand out from the crowd with banale mask.

Its versatile design allows it to be go wherever you go, in your pocket, bag, or around your neck. So whether your passion is rock climbing, biking, hiking, or motorcycling, banale mask has your back. 

Use it, replace, then use again the Mask. As with pollution masks, the filter must be replaced now and again. The simple alternate process consists of simply detaching and removing the inner panel and adding in another filter. We recommend that you replace your filter every six to eight weeks.

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